Gator’s Bayou Cajun Grill & Bar


About Gator's Bayou


Here at Gator’s Bayou, we have tried to create a fun, Louisiana style atmosphere for everyone. There are 6 super duper fancy HDTV’s – however we are not a sportsbar. Music will be played the majority of the time except when a Tech sporting event, Saints Game, Cowboys Game, Texans Game, BCS Championship Game, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, Westminister Dog Show, National Spelling Bee that your kids are in, re-runs of Seinfeld, or any showing at any time of The Waterboy.

Don’t ask to listen to a Ball State vs. Idaho Game, because if you like those teams you shouldn’t be allowed out of the house anyways…

One more thing, if at any point you so much as mention The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars, security will have you removed from the premises and WE will eat your food!